Live: Day four, 1st Ashes Test, Brisbane

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Day Three Recap... You have been Warnered

Upper hand After careful consideration, I've settled on Australia. In fact, now I think about it, this must be one of the most dominant Test performances they've turned in since Steve Waugh traded in his Symonds Supertusker for a GM. After resuming with a 224-run lead, David Warner and Michael Clarke both scored centuries to set England a ludicrous chase of 561. They've managed to knock off 24 of those but lost Carberry and Trott, who may never be found again. England have two days to survive and despite a few storms predicted, can't count on the weather to intervene.

The key man David Warner looked the goods in the first innings, making good on his promise to offer a more complete game. But was it all a strange dream involving Candice Falzon, a psychologist, a Gray Nic and moustache? Not so, chirped Warner, who put Australia on the path to victory with a dashing, yet restrained (if that's a thing), 124 off 154 deliveries. Once he hit three figures, the disdain with which he treated Swann (2/135), in particular, was brutal.

Big moment Clarke could have still had his side batting at stumps but made the right call when he waved them in at 7/401, a lead of 560. England were faced with a nightmare session in which they lost Carberry and Trott, leaving Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen to resume tomorrow morning. It wasn't a particularly bold call but it was the right one.

It could have all changed when... Australia lost the early wickets of Rogers and Watson. But Warner never flinched and Clarke strode to the crease determined to grind England to the ground. Mission accomplished, almost.

Things went swimmingly for... The Australian captain. Warner's fourth Test hundred had more highlights but Clarke's flawless 113, in addition to his astute captaincy when going after the England top order after tea, could make this a Test to cherish for a man under extreme pressure.

Not so swimmingly for... Jonathan Trott. He may have to be institutionalised after a second innings that Michael Vaughan would describe as about the worst in the history of English number threes. His frailty against Mitchell Johnson's short ball was well known but instead of stoutly defending in the face of a massive chase, he swung madly at anything down legside, which was almost every ball. It didn't take long until he fell away and poked it straight to Nathan Lyon in the deep. He went for nine. It was horrible to watch. If it happens again in Adelaide, he's not an option for the remainder of the tour.

What does it all mean? Australia's day two bounce might have been seen as an anomaly given the home side's form of late but this was absolutely clinical on day three. Warner, Clarke, Haddin and Johnson squashed the England attack into the ground before the Australian quicks did the job with the new ball late in the piece. Australia are almost certain to be heading to Adelaide one up in the series.

Good morning everyone - welcome to our day four coverage of the first Ashes Test from Brisbane. Australia will be looking to wrap things up today - eight wickets to go and they will head to Adelaide with a 1-0 lead. The first ball is due at 10am local time. Perfect conditions. A storm rolled through last night but it's bright sun to start proceedings.

Siddle starts the ball rolling for Australia, with England on 2-24. News filtering through the England camp that Jonathan Trott was seen roaming the hotel corridor last night wildly swatting at imaginary short deliveries in his sleep.

Harris from Stanley St. Cook has 11 runs from 52 balls but it's not about the total for England. They need to somehow hang on for two days so I wouldn't be expecting anything outlandish or ridiculous, unless Trott puts on a red wig and bats as Ian Bell.null

Where is everyone? Brisbane? Hello? Three's a billion seats here at the Gabba. Why don't you come on down and see Australia try to win an Ashes Test. Could think of worse things to do on a Sunday.

No news is good news for England. Every over they survive is an over one step further away from first Test destruction. Some cloud around this morning, possibly some movement through the air, and the Australian quicks will no doubt fancy themselves to get one or two early. Hard to see England batting as horribly as they did in the first innings however.

More English fans here than Australians. This is bizarre. The first three days were buzzing - completely sold out and a heaving atmosphere. Today there's spare seats everywhere. Given Brisbane nearly lost the Indian Test next year to Perth, this is a poor effort from supporters. Australia on the verge of wrapping up an Ashes Test and all. Let's hope there's a decent walk up throughout the day.

England 2-39 and not getting anything too loose from Siddle and Harris. Pressure on right from the first ball and another good spell from this pair so far. Big storm last night may have slowed the field down a touch but the pitch still playing well. Kevin Mitchell Jnr the unsung hero of this match. He's given them a good one.

Lyon into the attack early this morning. Replaces Harris at the Stanley St end, where he did the damage last time.

That's the 50 up for England with two down. Almost there. Lyon will like the look of this pitch. Still holding together well but a couple of cracks to find and still some nice bounce for him, which did the damage against Bell and Prior in the first innings, even if they were marshmallow soft dismissals.

Ooooph. Siddle gets one to stay low after it hits a little crack and that thuds into the thigh pad of Pietersen, who couldn't do a great deal about that one. Good signs there for Siddle. England clinging to life at 2-54.

It's Mitch O'Clock. Suddenly he's our great white hope instead of a fast bowling flake. Clarke will be relying on him to break up this pair as Cook and Pietersen get to their 50 partnership. England 2/61 and showing a bit of backbone in this first session.

It's Mitch O'Clock. Suddenly he's our great white hope instead of a fast bowling flake. Clarke will be relying on him to break up this pair as Cook and Pietersen get to their 50 partnership. England 2/61 and showing a bit of backbone in this first session.

Johnson from Vulture St. Bet he wishes they could wheel Trott out again. That was terrific fun yesterday. The England number three was jumping at shadows. A few staying low and I wouldn't be surprised if Clarke gives himself some overs today. Steve Smith might also get the chance to bowl a few leggies. That sort of wicket on day four.

England need 494 to win now. At least it's under 500.

A very good point... slow start today numbers wise but it's been very well supported over the opening three days

Drinks and England make it through alive and without a flesh wound. It's 2/71 and this has been a stoic start for a thoroughly deflated English side.

GONE! Johnson strikes again! Pietersen out hooking and holes out in the deep to sub fielder Chris Sabburg. He doesn't drop many that man and Australia strike first ball after drinks. Pietersen simply couldn't resist that juicy short one. Poor batting really. He's out for 26, England now 3/72.

Bell welcomed to the crease with a wicked bumper from Johnson. Game on again here at the Gabba. Australia strike, England in a very, very deep hole. Can they survive the day?

That one from Lyon kept low and skidded through. And a quick full toss thuds into the pads but it's going down leg side and only a token shout. But very tense times here for England now.

Sandeep is back! Welcome Sandeep! But cracks on day one? Are you watching another match?

Johnson spearing the across Cook, probing for an edge. He's operating in tandem with Lyon. It's the 2013 version of Warne-McGrath.

Siddle resumes from the Vulture St end. Johnson's done the job for his skipper and that's how he's going to be employed this summer, in short, sharp bursts with Harris and Siddle piling in the pressure in between. He'll be a very handy asset for Clarke if he bowls like this throughout the series, although he's clearly enjoyed the bounce and pace of this deck. Won't get that in Radelaide.

Siddle just probing away here. Bell knows how to hang around so this won't be easy. I doubt he'll giftwrap his wicket like he did in the first innings. England 3/77 and it could have been worse for them today. Cook still there with Bell. Pietersen the only man to fall.

GONE! Johnson strikes again! Pietersen out hooking and holes out in the deep to sub fielder Chris Sabburg. He doesn't drop many that man and Australia strike first ball after drinks. Pietersen simply couldn't resist that juicy short one. Poor batting really. He's out for 26, England now 3/72.

Australia wouldn't half mind another one down before lunch. They've been able to find wickets late in sessions in this Test. Still plenty of energy and bounce from the Australians. You just get the feeling they can end this fairly quickly if they get a real roll on at the Gabba.

And there you have it - Steve Smith rolling the arm over before the break with his leggies. And in other news, a couple of likely types getting around outside the press box, with Darren Lockyer and Simon Black enjoying a day at the cricket (rugby league and AFL greats if you are reading from another country, Mumbai in the case of Sandeep).

Watson is bowling! The St John's ambulance crew are on red alert here. Stay in one piece Watto. Or if you fall apart, get someone out first. England 3-84 closing in on lunch.

Remember when Steve Smith was supposed to be Australia's next frontline spinner? Me either.

Watson has had the knack of breaking partnerships over the years, when he's been available to bowl, which hasn't been that often. About five minutes left before lunch so he'll need to conjure something quickly on a pitch that is finally starting to lose a bit of sting after three and a half days. England 3/94.

Lyon back for one last crack before the break. Both of these men putting up the brick wall now. I don't think they'd care if they didn't score another run in the next day and a half.

LUNCH at the Gabba. England live to fight another session or two. They retreat for superfoods at 3-98, with just Pietersen departing this morning at the hands of Johnson. Join us after the break as we take you right through until the close of play.

We're back at the Gabba. Johnson back in action against Bell. England squeeze past the 100 mark with three back in the sheds. Cook has been a study of concentration today and has moved to 43. He's the man they need to dislodge.

Cook leaning across there and Harris gets him inside edging into the pads. What Australia need here is for Harris to start getting a few to reverse. Johnson is also capable of getting them to start going the other way. Detected a little hint of movement there for Harris, so that's encouraging for the burly quick.

England batting with more patience in this innings. More life in the pitch last time, obviously, but did they take Australia's bowlers too lightly? Some very ordinary shots on offer.

Cook over the top of slips! Races to the fence. He's found his mojo now but Clarke and his bowlers probably won't be completely dismayed to see that sort of stroke. England now 3-118.

He uses traveler's cheques...

Harris just starting to cause a little trouble as some clouds start to build over head. Here's the radar, which doesn't show anything too menacing but there could be some delays this afternoon.

Cook leans on that and Harris is fielding spectacularly off his own bowling. Looks to be some runs around here. If only England weren't chasing 560 they'd be feeling rather good about themselves at the moment. And there's 50 for Cook as he slashes a cut to the fence. Well played and timely knock from the England captain.

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