Denis runs for MS

DENIS Reid deserved every cheer and pat on the back he received as he jogged into town on Monday morning, with the 65 year old having run all the way from Eden to Bombala over the weekend for a very special cause.

The former local set himself the 90km personal challenge to raise funds for MS Australia, and even tackled the notoriously steep Big Jack Mountain as part of his mammoth run.

Denis departed from the Eden wharf with his support crew on Saturday afternoon to get 25 kilometres of the run out of the way, using the bulk of Sunday to take on the Big Jack in very warm temperatures.

He agreed that it was certainly the most difficult part of his run, but was supported by his grandchildren who joined him for part of the leg, with his eldest grandson Hunter, managing four kilometres.

Tackling the heat, a wrong turn and more traffic than you may expect on the Big Jack, Denis was of course thrilled to reach Cathcart and had an overnight rest before concluding the challenge on Monday morning.

Here he ran from Cathcart straight into Bombala, complete with a police escort and two support runners from the Bombala High School who Denis praised very highly indeed.

“Corey and Brett did a marvellous job, and hopefully this will be something they remember for the rest of their lives,” he said.

Denis was joined by other local kids as he entered the main street, and met a tremendous welcome when he reached the conclusion of his run at the Bombala High School itself.

“It was great to have the school get on board, and to see the students outside waiting was a really good thing,” he said.

He was welcomed with a hearty handshake from High School Principal, Philip Steel and congratulated by all who had assembled.

After all, it was an undeniably big effort that has managed to raise in excess of $6,000 for MS Australia so far, a cause that Denis supports passionately on behalf of his beloved wife and MS sufferer, Annette.

Denis now cares for Annette full time, and is deeply dedicated to supporting the work of MS Australia, which buys mobility equipment, provides respite care and is working on a much needed miracle cure.

But no matter how much his tremendous effort will assist MS Australia with its important role, Denis remained typically humble on completing the huge weekend run.

“People keep saying what a great achievement I’ve made, but I haven’t really. I couldn’t have done any of it without the support of Kerry White and John Luff as my crew, as well as the support of my children, my grandchildren and the Bombala High School,” he said.

Nonetheless, we can all recognise Denis’s Eden to Bombala run as the great accomplishment it really was by donating to the cause at or locally through Alfie Mustard.

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