Residents get ‘heads up’ on fire front 

MORE than 100 people attended the public meeting held by the CFA on Friday which not only advised residents on how to prepare for fire danger but gave them a tour of the fire fighters base camp that has been set up in Delegate. 

CFA Community Liaison Officer Chris Lewis  said the meeting was a huge success. 

“It was good we had a great turn out by locals and they seemed interested,” Mr Lewis said. 

“At the meeting we took residents through the background of where the fires are now in Victoria and what we are expecting on the weekend.” 

“We were just advising residents of possible road closures and to make sure they have their properties well equipped.”

The meeting also took residents and businesses owners of Delegate on a tour of the newly established base camp in Bill Jefferies Park. 

Mr Lewis said that Delegate was the ideal location for the CFA crew and remains a safe location at this point in time. 

“Delegate is the ideal spot for a base camp because we have a great infrastructure and we are utilising the Delegate Air Base.” 

“The base itself it not under any threat; what’s happening at the moment is a bit of a heads up for locals about what will be happening in the days ahead. 

“The terrain is very difficult that we are fighting in and we are relying heavily on air craft working, unfortunately at the moment there is a lot of wind and that makes it very difficult to work from the air.” 

CFA expect the camp to be in place for the next few weeks while the fires in the area are brought under control. 

“I think the big message we are trying to get out there is you need to prepare all year around for these fires,” Mr Lewis said. 

“In past experience we have found that sometimes it seems to take till people see smoke in the air to prepare so hopefully this meeting will trigger everyone into action in the area to remain alert.” 

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