Can you help identify these Bombala Diggers?

The identity of these Diggers remains a mystery.

The identity of these Diggers remains a mystery.

Researchers hope readers will be able to identify these Diggers.

Researchers hope readers will be able to identify these Diggers.

THANK you to the Perkins family and Mrs Bronwyn Podger, who responded to my request for photos and information regarding the Men from Snowy River.

Bronwyn has also given me some photos of some unknown soldiers, obviously World War 1 and very likely Bombala men. 

Unfortunately like so many old photos which many of us have in our possession, no names were written on the backs.

Perhaps some of your readers may be able to supply a name. 

The Men from Snowy River march commemorations are moving along well, with two members of our committee planning to attend a meeting in Sydney this month, along with representatives from the Cooees, Kangaroos, Waratahs, Kurrajongs recruitment marches and the Australian Stock Horse Association. 

District meetings are also planned which will include representatives from Nimmitabel, Cooma, Queanbeyan, Bungendore and Goulburn. 

An inaugural meeting was held last month in Cooma.

The next step will be to gather names of those who would like to take part in the re-enactment, which because of RTA regulations and safety issues will not involve marching all the way to Goulburn (very different roads to what existed 100 years ago). 

The early part of the march from Delegate to Mila, and a back road between Holt’s Flat and Nimmitabel are permitted, but other than that participants will only march through participating towns to Goulburn after which they will catch the train to Sydney to take part in the big street parade on November 11 which the men carried is now in the Australian War Memorial, but we have an excellent replica in the War Museum in Delegate which will be carried during the re-enactment.