Police News

I HOPE you have all had a great week, as wild and woolly as it was. Luckily with all the horrendous weather we weren’t required for any jobs involving trees or wires down, which are the normal jobs for times of extremely high winds.

Thankfully there was only one car accident in our area over the last week and it occurred on Sunday, July 5 up on the Snowy Mountains Highway at Steeple Flat involving a car towing another car on a trailer.

Police are still investigating the cause of the accident because the driver had left the scene before police attendance, but it appears that the trailer has jack-knifed on the car, causing a moderate amount of damage to both the car and the trailer.

In other traffic related news, last Wednesday, July 1, an 18 year old man and a 16 year old youth were caught by Police riding their unregistered and uninsured trail bikes along Maybe Street.

Over the last couple of months these two hooligans have flouted the law on an almost daily basis and terrorised residents near their home and along the river track by riding their trail bikes around town and generally just acting like idiots with no concern for themselves or other road users.

Unfortunately, despite out best attempts we were unable to identify them previously.

Thankfully their reign of idiocy came to an end last Wednesday when as a result of some information received by Police, the house the two men live in was targeted and they were caught red handed.

They will both be facing the Magistrate in August after being charged with using an unregistered and uninsured vehicle on a road, and also for not being licensed to use a vehicle on the road.

The owner of the motorcycles was very lucky not to have also been charged for allowing the two men to ride the unregistered motorcycles whilst they were unlicensed.

It seems that the two offenders don’t read the Police report in the Bombala Times, because it was only last week that I warned everyone who rides a motorcycle not to ride it on a road or a road related area unless the bike was registered and you are licensed. Maybe they will learn to read the paper from now on.

Thankyou to everyone whose information led to the two offenders, their arrests last week were a perfect example of teamwork between your local Police and the community.

Also last Wednesday, some very expensive pieces of jewellery were located on the footpath outside the Bombala Bakery. If you think you may be the person who has lost it, please either contact or attend the Police Station, and if you can adequately describe the jewellery or provide proof of ownership, we would be more than happy to return the items to you.

People who live in rural areas are reminded to keep their dogs well contained after a report was received of a number of dogs attacking sheep in Ando.

In addition to the very hefty fines you will receive if your dogs are reported to us, the farmer who owns the sheep is well within his rights to shoot your dog if he finds it savaging his livestock.

Reports of stealing have come to police notice again with a report that farm equipment described as a home made towing device was stolen from the shed of a property in Mila.

Unfortunately for the farmer, their were no reports received of suspicious persons hanging around in the two day period the item went missing, so chances of identifying the offenders are pretty slim, unless of course we get some more information.

Well that is about it for this week, until next week, stay safe and drive carefully.

Yours in Crime Fighting

Senior Constable Rebecca Bavister