Glebe residents without water

Some Glebe residents have been without water since early Saturday morning. Photo: Simon Alekna
Some Glebe residents have been without water since early Saturday morning. Photo: Simon Alekna

A burst main prevented water supply to an estimated 50 Glebe residents for more than 16 hours on Saturday and remained broken throughout the night.

The break, on the corner of Edwards Street and Eglinton Lane, occurred about 5am Saturday morning. A Sydney Water crew attended about 6am.

Residents affected by the burst are either receiving no water or reduced water pressure, Sydney Water spokeswoman Maja Dimitrievska said.

The spokeswoman initially said Sydney Water expected to have repairs completed by midday Saturday, with water flowing shortly thereafter. But at 9.30pm the problem remained.

"I am advised that repairs to the water main that burst this morning are complicated and water supply is yet to be restored," Dimitrievska said just after 2pm.

Later, at about 9.30pm, Dimitrievska said water remained off and apologised for the inconvenience caused.

Sydney Water said on its website that a new estimated time for a fix was 11.30pm.

Throughout the day residents reported being told different times water would be restored. At first they were told midday, 8pm and then 11.30pm.

Earlier, Dimitrievska said Sydney Water would send a customer service representative to hand out bottled water to affected residents.

A crew would also be situated outside 7 Edwards Street to supply water for people who brought containers, the spokeswoman said.

But residents reported only two people received the bottled water - a 92-year-old woman and a blind man.

Sydney Water's Dimitrievska confirmed only "some water" was handed out to elderly residents

The offer to hand out bottled water followed earlier complaints from residents who said that Sydney Water had made "no attempt" to notify residents who were affected by the burst.

"My daughter has just spent $40 on water as she has no idea of when we will have water again," Glebe resident Genevieve Kang said.

"There are frail and elderly residents who are unable to get out to buy drinking water for themselves. Today the temperature has been over 30 degrees. I suggested to Sydney water that they door knock but they said they don't have the resources as six streets are involved."

Another resident, Matt Kennedy, said: "I'm leaving for work without a shower, the dishes are piling up."

Contractor to blame

Dimitrievska said the cause of Saturday's burst was believed to be related to an earlier break on January 9, where a larger adjacent main that usually supplies Glebe residents with water was burst by a contractor working on Mirvac's Harold Park development.

"That larger main we've had to switch off and divert water through to this smaller main so that people can still have water until we can arrange a permanent fix of the larger one," Dimitrievska said.

"The one that's broken is 100 millimetres [and] the larger one is 250 millimetres."

Usually when a main breaks it can be caused by a build-up of pressure, Dimitrievska said.

"So [there] might be a pocket where there's a lot of water pressure," she said.

The burst follows reports that the equivalent of 48 Olympic swimming pools are seeping from Sydney Water's network every day. The organisation has said speeding up repairs is not worth the cost.

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