Water levels ‘no alarm’: council 

RESIDENTS concerned that water flowing over the Bombala Weir was little more than a trickle last week have no reason for concern, according to Bombala Shire Council.

Director of Engineering, Peter Sullivan, said water levels were as they should be for this time of the year.

“We are currently at level one water restrictions and we base these on the measurements taken at the weir,” Mr Sullivan said. 

“This happens every summer because of lower rainfall and higher usage of water at this time of year.

“At this stage there is no way we are alarmed by the level of water, we start to get alarmed at level three,” he said. 

To reach level three water restrictions the weir level would need to be 500 millimetres below the crest of the weir. 

In February 2010 Bombala Shire Council recorded the Weir at 700 millimetres below the crest and level five water restrictions were put in place. 

These restrictions meant only essential domestic usage of water by households. 

Mr Sullivan said these restrictions were placed during a time of drought and Bombala could expect some rainfall over the next few weeks. 

“So far we are happy with the current levels of the Weir and we are hoping they stay this good until the end of daylight savings,” he said. 

Mr Sullivan also said the water from the weir was constantly being monitored and met Australian drinking water standards. 

“We do monitor the water supply and make sure it meets with those standards,” he said. 

“Often people will experience taste and odour issues with the water however that is because some of the water is collected from a marsh environment. 

“It is sometimes worse when we have had little rainfall but we always adjust the treatment the water receives at the plant,” he said.

Water  barely trickles over the weir.

Water barely trickles over the weir.