Seeing double? No, there are three!

WITH Multiple Births Awareness Week for 2014 starting on Sunday, one local family with triplets is encourage others to get involved in support groups.

Karen and Scott Guthrie from Bombala are the proud parents of the adorable, identical trio Kobi, Liam and Nash.

The boys came as a surprise after their parents decided to try for just one more child.

Born on April 2, 2012, Mrs Guthrie said she and her husband already had three children between four and 15 years and planned to have just one more.

“We were in shock for a few weeks when we first found out,” she said.

“It was rare for us to have identical triplets because there is no history of twins or triplets on either side of the family.

“They told us we had more chance of winning the lotto than having identical triplets.

“Getting the support from the multiples group is something I really recommend others to do.”

Mrs Guthrie said her advice to any parents going through the prospect of triplets or more is to “breathe”.

“Don’t hesitate to ask for help either,” she said.

“I was a very private person so I didn’t ask for much help in the beginning, and when I think back I should have got involved with the multiple birth group a lot sooner.”

Mrs Guthrie said unfortunately there was no support group in Bombala, however, there was one in Canberra and it was well worth the trip.

“I’m also the triplet state contact so I can direct people to support groups,” she said.

“The support means there are many questions that can be answered by those who have had experience – anything from advice on what to buy to tips on how to get around with the babies.

“This goes further with play groups for multiples and the hiring of equipment, exchanging of clothes, et cetera.”

Mrs Guthrie said she has been lucky to have three children and a dedicated husband who has helped raise the triplets.

“The day to day stuff can be hectic,” she said.

“Getting the kids off to school, looking after the triplets, play time, cooking, feeding, washing, cleaning, bed times – it’s a very active household,” she said.

“My husband has been very handy with making contraptions which we could attach to our rockers and prams to hold bottles to feed them … this saved us a lot of time. 

“It was a bit of a production line.”

Multiple Birth Awareness Week is a national event held annually to celebrate the joy of parenting multiples and also to educate communities and professionals about the unique challenges of parenting twins, triplets and more.

A range of events is planned for the week at different support groups/clubs around Australia.

• For more information and to find your closest Australian Multiple Births Association club visit the website

TERRIFIC TRIO: Liam, Nash and Kobi Guthrie.

TERRIFIC TRIO: Liam, Nash and Kobi Guthrie.