Big tick for new service

NINETEEN people have taken the opportunity to catch the Monaro Transconnect service in its first week of operation.

These passengers utilised the service to access facilities in Cooma, Westfield Woden Plaza, The Canberra Hospital, John James Hospital and the Jolimont Centre in Civic.

Pam Scott from Bibbenluke caught the maiden journey of Transconnect on Monday, March 3.  

Ms Scott commented that the service was excellent; that the drivers were courteous; she felt safe using the service and that it was wonderful to be dropped off exactly at the required location and picked up again in the afternoon.  

She said the journey passed quickly and that she will use the service again.

A group of Jindabyne and Cooma residents caught the service on Friday and found that while the service opened up access to facilities and services in the ACT that the social aspect of the service was a highly positive feature.    

New friends were made on the day and after a big day out the group returned home feeling very relaxed; many with heavy eyes from a comfortable and stress-free journey.  

Jindabyne resident, Rosemary Worthington was on Friday’s trip and intends to use the service again.  

Ms Worthington mentioned that she usually travels overseas once a year and it was always a problem to get to Cooma let alone to Canberra to the airport.  

This is exacerbated if you do not have access to a car, she said.

Ms Worthington said she had resorted to catching the school bus into Cooma on several occasions. 

Overall Ms Worthington felt that the service was seamless and the concept and schedule very well thought out.  

While the service has been a long time coming Ms Worthington said it was so convenient and that with the increasing price of petrol the service is really cost-effective to use. 

Steve Redden, another Transconnect driver, also received a big rap from Ms Worthington who felt he was courteous, well-mannered and was very knowledgeable about the area.  

Ms Worthington felt that Steve was obviously highly involved in the  community and passionate about the success of the Transconnect project.

Monaro Transconnect is a service for all people living independently in the Snowy-River, Cooma Monaro and Bombala shires offering a five day per week service, Monday to Friday to various locations in the ACT.  

For further information please call Snowy River Community Services on 6451 1054 or Bombala Community Services on 6458 4620. 

Pam Scott of Bibbenluke with Bombala Transconnect link driver, Karen Hampshire, on the inaugural journey of the service.

Pam Scott of Bibbenluke with Bombala Transconnect link driver, Karen Hampshire, on the inaugural journey of the service.