Touch season showdown

THIS Friday night the finest touch football players in Bombala are set to clash at the showground for competition in the grand final. 

This year’s competition has involved more than 150 players from around the district and the grand final event is expected to be one of greatest the town has seen. 

Bombala Touch Association president Michael Sullivan has been involved with the club for 10 years and said the competition this year has been the best he has seen. 

“It’s been one of the best competitions I have seen in years,” Sullivan said.

“I think this year we have had a few teams with some younger high school kids involved and they have made the competitions interesting.

“Every game that’s been played this year hasn’t been an easy win so it’s made the competition great to watch,” he said.

Touch football is a limited-

contact sport that was established in the 1960s by South Sydney Junior Rugby League Club.

The sport has gained popularity in local social competitions because it can be played by both sexes and a variety of age divisions. 

This year, Bombala Touch Association showed the sport is for anyone who wants to keep fit and have fun, with players ranging from 14-year-old high school students to 60-year-old veterans. 

Sullivan believes that touch football is the sport of choice for many in the community because of its social atmosphere. 

“This year there has been a fair spread in age on the field which is good,” he said. 

“With touch I think it’s a sport that caters for everyone whatever your skill level, if you don’t have strong hand-eye-skills you can often still do some damage if you are quick.

“Above all I think what is appealing about the competition is that it’s social, you can get four or five friends together and make a team.” 

The Bombala Touch Association ran two competitions this year to cater to the growing social atmosphere around the game. 

“This year we had to competitions running on a Thursday night  that was a little more competitive and a Friday night social competition,” Sullivan said.

“The Friday nights have not been run for three or four years and turned out to be really popular because it’s not so serious and players come together for a drink and barbecue at the end of their games. 

This Friday night is no exception with a barbecue and drinks available to spectators.

Two teams to keep your eyes on in the finals are the Haveagos and the High-Heelers. 

The Haveagos are a team made up mostly of teenagers with a few mature players keeping them in line. 

The team played C grade division last season but moved into B grade this season and has proved they are a force to be reckoned with.

The C grade High-Heelers have shown that girl power is alive and well in Bombala with the all- female team making the grand final in their first season.

The grand final kicks off  at 6pm with and spectators are welcome to come along and cheer on a team. 

Touch players at Bombala keeping fit and enjoying the social aspects of the game.

Touch players at Bombala keeping fit and enjoying the social aspects of the game.


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