Federal budget 2014: Winners and losers


    1. Medical research

    Gets a $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund

    2. Small to medium businesses

    1.5 per cent company tax cut and no parental leave levy

    3. Construction firms

    4. School chaplains

    $245 million over five years

    5. Defence

    Spending to rise to 2 per cent of GDP within a decade

    6. Mothers

    Paid Parental Leave Scheme to pay new mothers up to $50,000

    7. Ballerinas

    $1 million for ballet students' boarding accommodation


    1. The sick

    $7 fee increase for GP visits and cuts to hospital funding

    2. University students

    3. Foreign aid

    Reduction in foreign aid budget of $7.9 billion over five years

    4. High income earners

    Deficit tax rise of 2 percentage points for people earning more than $180,000 a year

    5. Public servants

    6. Video gamers

    Abolishing the Australian Interactive Games Fund, saving $10 million

    7. Pensioners

    Pension age rises to 70 from 2035 and concessions cut

    8. Families

    9. Young unemployed

    Under 30s face a six-month wait for a reduced dole

    10. Motorists

    More expensive petrol with a fuel levy

    11. Indigenous people

    A $500 million cut to indigenous programs over five years

    12. Local councils

    Cuts of nearly $1 billion over four years

    13. ABC and SBS

    Cuts of $43.5 million and Australia Network abandoned

    14. Politicians, senior public servants

    One-year pay freeze, gold pass travel for ex-MPs wound back then abolished

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