John’s giant beetroot

John Peadon with his 3kg monster beetroot
John Peadon with his 3kg monster beetroot

IN Russia there is a children’s fairytale about a giant turnip ... John Peadon could have featured in his own tale last week about Bombala’s giant beetroot. 

Mr Peadon, 83, has always been an avid gardener but admits this year it was difficult to get his vegetable patch going. 

“This was a hard year; we usually have about six to eight beds growing but not this year,” he said. 

“The only thing I’ve been able to grow is carrots and beetroots.” 

The three kilogram monster beetroot that he grew is much 

bigger than the average size and is the biggest Mr Peadon has ever grown. 

“I planted them all in September and I just had so many of them I didn’t need to pick it.

“I did use a fair bit of fertiliser and I let it go for so long.” 

Mr Peadon’s mighty beetroot is far from the world record of 23.4 kilograms but he is still very proud of it. 

On Thursday he boiled the beetroot and pickled it to be used in salads come summer. 

“That’s how I like them, in a nice salad,” he said. 

“I think I will have enough to share around with family.”


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