Snow blankets district

SNOW blanketed Bombala and the surrounding district on Friday, causing road closures, power outages and cancelled school bus services.

Six centimetres of snow fell over a widespread area in the early hours of Friday morning.

Bureau of Meteorology spokeswoman, Miranda Langton, said is was unusual for Bombala to receive such widespread snowfall. 

“It’s quite rare that Bombala would receive such a significant snowfall,” Ms Langton said. 

The downfall closed the Monaro Highway between Bombala and Cooma leaving some drivers stuck in hazardous conditions. 

Bombala Police Constable Steven Gay spent Friday morning closing roads and assisting trucks that had stalled on the snow-covered roads. 

“We had a few road closures and several trucks stuck on the Monaro Highway,” Constable Gay said. 

“One was stalled in Bombala and the others were stalled on the back road to Nimmitabel because of the heavy snow.

“Overall we were very lucky, the roads were closed at 8.30am and it was good time before conditions got severe. 

“We had a power outage in the town for around four hours,” he said.

School bus services were cancelled and while schools remained open, attendances were low.

Only six students turned up to Bombala High School. 

Nimmitabel Primary School, which has an enrolment of 28 students, was left without any pupils. 

Principal Melissa Day said the generous dump of snow created an “amazing” view of the school grounds.

“We were operational, however, since the bus service was out of order many students could not come to school,” Ms Day said. 

Ms Day said it was a rare treat for students to experience a day like Friday. 

“I’ve been at the school for six years and this is the second snow day we have had,” she said. 

“It’s rare that something like this happens.” 

“It’s pretty amazing to see the school and the roads like this,” she said.

For the latest information regarding road closures visit www.livetraffic .com or call the Traffic Information Line on 132 701.