Visit marred by ‘attitude’

Rachael Bush visited Bombala on Thursday on a quest for justice for missing friend Sylvia Pajuczok.
Rachael Bush visited Bombala on Thursday on a quest for justice for missing friend Sylvia Pajuczok.

THE best friend of missing grandmother Sylvia Pajuczok, has received two telephone calls from people with information that may be helpful to police.

Rachael Bush described her visit to Bombala last Thursday as “eerie”.

“I was trying to put myself in Sylvia’s shoes on the days before she disappeared,” Ms Bush told the Bombala Times on Monday.

It was her first visit to the town since she found Ms Pajuczok’s abandoned Tarago parked in an unusual position on the road between Rockton and Bombala shortly after Christmas in 2008.

In the past week she has put up nearly 100 fresh posters of her 53-year-old friend.

Ms Bush said noone she spoke to in Bombala last week was particularly forthcoming with information.

“I felt a lot of eyes and ears were on me,” she said.

“Some of the people in town were a bit funny.

“They cut me off real quick.

“I did get a bit of attitude.

“Bombala is a very tight-knit community.

“But someone must know something,” she said.

After she returned home to Eden, and following extensive media exposure during Missing Person’s Week, Ms Bush said she received two phonecalls from people who were “happy to talk”.

“They said they didn’t think the police had taken them for real,” she said.

“They said they didn’t think the police thought what they had to say was relevant, but I will pass it on to police again.

“After sitting through the Coroner’s inquiry, and seeing just how much work the detectives have done, I assured them that their information would be taken seriously,” she said.

Ms Bush will visit Bega in the next few days in her car covered with posters of Ms Pajuczok. 

“I achieved what I set out to achieve,” Ms Bush said.

“I wanted to put Sylvia’s image in their faces.

“I wanted to get people to think back to Christmas 2008 when she disappeared.

“It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, we need to build it one piece of information at a time,” she said.

Ms Bush said she was “devastated” by the amount of logging that has taken place between Bombala and the Brown Mountain.

“I nearly had a fit when I saw all the logging,” she said.

“They’ll never find her remains now but that doesn’t mean that the person responsible will escape justice.”

The Coronial inquiry into Ms Pajuczok’s disappearance is scheduled to resume in Bombala on October 20.