Fillies victorious over Tigerettes: Photos

LAST Sunday’s game saw the Fillies victorious over the Eden Tigerettes, leading the way 38-0.

Abby Schofield took the Fillies to an early lead, unleashing her deceptive talents and gliding through the Eden defence. 

This was the first of two tries for Schofield and one of many breaks stealing ground from Eden and building momentum for the Fillies attack. 

Abby came away with two points for her genuine efforts throughout the game.

This was shortly followed by a strong line break, made by Georgie Clarke who drew the Eden defence creating a gap for Kristy Nichols to cross the white line. 

This was the first of two tries for Nichols. 

Clarke and Nichols both showed themselves to be indispensable players and were awarded with a point each for their unrelenting efforts.

The ability of Meg Bracher could not go unnoticed as she charged down the field making breaks through the Eden defence and securing a solo try, taking the score to 20-0.

Tash Stewart also made some damaging runs and eventually took the score to 26 for the Fillies. 

Some strong runs from Eden tested the defence of the Fillies at times, making breaks up the middle of the field.

Theses attempts were chased down and nipped in the bud by some hasty tags made by players Chloe Murphy and Kayla Jamieson. 

Jamieson made the job of fullback look easy as she carefully positioned herself for some skilful takes of the ball.

Clever organisation was seen from the players’ player Emma Sullivan. 

Sullivan, along with the aid of Sue Morgan, shook up Eden’s defence in the middle of the field and generated wide holes for attacking outside players to charge the line.

Trina Brownlie and May Peck were consistently supporting play and guiding the fluency up the field. 

Bec Robson narrowly missed out on a try in the first half, but came away with a good try in the second half supporting Monique Ingram out wide. 

The quality of support from everyone on the team was made apparent, especially by that of Jane Peadon. 

Eventually the elusive Monique Ingram scored the final try, taking the score to 38-0.

Monique was darting and stepping through the defensive line all day.

Last but by no means least the mighty Maree Ingram was in full stride for the entire game dominating in both attack and defence with her broad spectrum of leadership qualities that instils rigour throughout the entire team. 

Maree successfully converted 3 tries and was unlucky not to convert more. 

Maree was awarded a deserving 3 points.

The Fillies are nearing the pointy end of the season with one more challenging game left against the Bega Chicks before they enter the finals. 

Thanks goes to the efforts of coach Craig Schofield and assistant coach Steven Russell for all their time and effort put in with the team, and also to everyone behind the scenes as they work without credit to make every game day run smoothly.