Taking care of yourself

Snowy Monaro Regional Council is hosting a Stress Less and Progress Day at the Bombala Community Centre on Thursday, May 11 from 9am.

The day is aimed at bringing awareness and an understanding of mental illness within the community in order to remove the stigma and empower people to live the most mentally and physically healthy lives possible.

Special guests on the day are husband and wife team, Scott and Florence Harrod and their purpose built expedition truck.

Mr and Mrs Harrod sold all their assets to fund Project Sam enabling them to travel indefinitely throughout Australia and bring awareness about mental health to communities.

The Harrods and their big truck will be parked at the Community Centre from 10am until 2pm.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council Economic Development and Tourism Manager, Karen Cash said people are encouraged to go and speak to the Harrods and check out their truck.

“There will be other things available on the day also,” Ms Cash said. “People will be able to have a massage and attend a session on mindfulness with lots of information available for people to collect.”

“A nice healthy morning tea and lunch will be held with discussions around healthy eating and lifestyles,” she said.

Mr and Mrs Harrod have partnered with the Black Dog Institute that provides the Sam Project with information and collateral to run their education and awareness sessions.

In order to foster a link between physical and mental health, the Harrods also offer free exercise, yoga and meditation classes.

The Sam Project also offers everyone the chance to have a coffee at their mobile cafe.

Scott and Florence Harrod

Scott and Florence Harrod