Council apologies for unplanned water supply interruptions at Delegate

Snowy Monaro Regional Council has apologised for unscheduled interruptions and restrictions to water supply conditions imposed on consumers in Delegate over the June long weekend.

The interruption was due to infrastructure issues beyond Council’s control which led to an asset failure that impacted on water supply pressure and flow availability.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council administrator, Dean Lynch explained that the components and resources required to resolve the failure were secured on Monday, June 12 and saw the failed asset replaced.

“Full supply pressure and flow was returned to Delegate during Monday afternoon and I thank staff for their swift response in identifying the issue and implementing a strategy to rectify the situation, ensuring that regular supply was available for residents,” Snowy Monaro Regional Council administrator, Dean Lynch said.

Under normal conditions council would inform all consumers of planned water outages and restrictions to supply however, in this recent case, council endeavoured to limit the impact of the emergency failure and returned water supply services to Delegate in the earliest possible timeframe.

“Council appreciates the inconvenience that this unplanned disruption caused and thanks the water consumers of Delegate for their patience, as we continue to improve water supply throughout this community.”