Cooma can mingle recycling

Snowy Monaro Regional Council is now making it easier for residents to recycle, with the introduction of a fully co-mingled service for the Cooma kerbside collection area starting from July 1, 2017.

This allows locals to place recyclable items in the yellow lidded recycling bin. There is no longer a need to separate paper and cardboard into the black crate.

The black crate currently in use for paper and cardboard can still be used, but will eventually be phased out. Council is considering options including provision of a larger capacity recycling bin to provide a greater volume of recycling space for householders, which will be easier for householders to handle compared to the current bin and crate arrangement.

Going to a fully co-mingled system means that paper, cardboard, plastics, single use disposable coffee cups, Tetra packs (such as long life milk containers), fruit boxes and milk cartons, aluminium and steel cans (including aerosol cans), aluminium foil, glass jars and bottles and all other recyclable materials can be placed for collection in the yellow-lidded bin.

Please note that items including polystyrene, plastic bags, batteries, light globes, and porcelain cannot placed in the yellow-lidded bin.

A recycling flyer is available from council which shows the types of materials that can be placed in your recycling bin for collection.

The fully co-mingled system provides a far safer and work environment for our collection staff, and the proposed replacement of the crate will also reduce the chance for wind-blow litter escaping when placed for collection.

When you consider that around two-thirds of the contents of an ‘average’ kerbside waste bin do not need to be buried at landfill, Council and the community can achieve major environmental improvements with minimal changes to the way we manage our waste.

By recycling more efficiently we can maximise the life of our landfill facilities and reduce the size of our environmental footprint.