Bombala Photography Club outing

The Bombala Photography Club had a photographic outing on Saturday to Cathcart, Black Lake, Bibbenluke and the Coolumbooka Bridge,.

With a -10 degree frost there were plenty of opportunities for club members to get some icy shots at Coolumbooka Bridge. The group were joined by a couple of platypus on the up side of the bridge and happy snapping for 30 minutes ensued.

Next stop for club members was Cathcart where club members said they would like to thank Pam Summerrell for the opportunity to shoot some shots inside the store and the hall before the club took a walk around the main street getting some more shots before they headed to Black Lake.

Club members watched a magnificent sea eagle catch his lunch at the Lake.

“Although the eagle was too far away to take photos, it was a treat for us to watch,” a club member said.

“There was plenty of bird life to watch while we had lunch and later we were able to photograph birds, trees and many other attractions at the picturesque Black Lake.”

Next stop for the photographers was Bibbenluke and a visit to artist Lucy Culliton’s property.

“We were given free reign of anywhere on her property with Lucy giving us a running commentary of all the animals she has,” a club member said.

“Lucy kindly gave us a tour of her studio and we were able to view many of her latest works which were absolutely stunning.  

“It is amazing how closely her artwork relates to photography with the same principle but different media.

“A big thank you to Lucy for so kindly giving up her Saturday afternoon for us,” a club spokesperson said.