Meet Snowy Monaro Shire Council Customer Service Officer, Jane Green…

Snowy Monaro Shire Council Customer Service Officer, Jane Green.

Snowy Monaro Shire Council Customer Service Officer, Jane Green.

With a passion for helping people, Jane Green has found a job she thoroughly enjoys. Based in Berridale, Jane is one of Snowy Monaro Regional Council’s dedicated Customer Service Officers (CSOs). In her five years as a CSO, Jane’s love for the role has only grown.

From roads to rates, water to waste, and from parks to parking, our CSOs are across anything and everything to do with council. Assisting with all council related matters, and even those that aren’t, Jane says she’s found her ideal job.

“I absolutely love this role. Being a CSO really fits me,” Jane says.

“I’ve found something I really enjoy. I love dealing with people and for me, this role is very important to Council.”

As the first port-of-call for when the public interacts with Council, Jane’s bright and bubbly personality shines through. Jane uses every day as an opportunity to provide people with a more positive experience when dealing with council.

“In this role you need to know a bit of everything. There’s such a variety of questions we’re asked, you never know what the next question will be.”

“It’s a challenge to keep the knowledge up. We make sure we’re on top of things.”

“Having the right information is important as CSOs are often the first contact people have with Council. I like to try and change people’s perception of Council.”

Throughout Jane’s working life she has always been in a role focused on customer service. Before she made the transition to Council, Jane worked in human resources for a ski holiday company.

When the opportunity arose, Jane jumped at the chance to work for the then Snowy River Shire Council.

“Working for a council wasn’t something I ever considered. When a friend suggested I apply for a casual position, I thought it’d be a great way to combine my passion for the community with secure employment,” Jane said.

Starting out as a CSO was initially a challenging experience. Having to familiarise herself with a multitude of information was made easier by Jane’s co-workers’ willingness to help.

“It was really daunting in the start. You’re expected to know so much. But people were nice to me so that made a big difference,” Jane says.

“I was fortunate to receive great staff support. They had my back. There is a great rapport between the CSOs.”

“As I’ve learnt more information, I’ve become more knowledgeable and appreciative of how much a council does.”