Locals reminded of changes to kerbside collection for Bombala region

Snowy Monaro Regional Council would like to remind residents of Bibbenluke, Bombala, Cathcart and Delegate areas that they should be using their new waste and co-mingled recycling bins.

Kerbside waste bins (red lidded) will be collected each Monday for all collection areas in the Bombala region. Present your waste bins to the kerbside on Sunday evenings for collection Monday.

Kerbside recycling bins (yellow lidded) are collected on alternate Tuesdays starting from Tuesday, August 1. Present your recycling bin to the kerbside on Monday evenings for collection Tuesday. Black recycling crates will no longer be collected.

In the interest of re-use and reducing waste, owners can opt to keep their old green bin and black recycling crate for personal use. These items should no longer be presented for kerbside collections and will no longer be emptied.

If you would prefer to have your bin and/or crate removed please complete the application form to surrender your bin/crate to have council collect these to be recycled. These forms can be obtained by contacting Council’s Resource and Waste team.

Council understands there may be some issues during the transition period and if your bin is not serviced please inform council so arrangements can be made to service your bins.

For residents that require collection from within your property, this service will not change and as above if your bins are not serviced contact council.