Craigie family history request

A woman looking to fill gaps on her family tree is appealing to Bombala Times readers for help.

Elizabeth Cameron is after any information regarding who owned, or lived at, the Craigie property known as "Quinburra" in 1855. 

“I have details of my great-grandmother, who was born as Susanna Duester – but there were many spellings of this name, from Dister, Duster, Dester to Duester.” Ms Cameron said.

“Susanna married my great-grandfather, William Edward Roberts.  The Duester family immigrated from Germany to Australia aboard the Caesar but en-route cholera broke out and 166 passengers died, including Susanna's parents and her youngest brother. 

“I have managed to learn that whoever owned Quinburra in 1855 cared for the four surviving Duester children.”

If anyone has information that can assist Ms Cameron, contact the Bombala Times on 6458 3666 or