Golden Oldie

Each week the Bombala Times publishes a photo from years gone by and asks readers if they can supply any information about the photo.

This week’s photo is of school boy Premier winners taken sometime in the ’70’s.

Do you know what school they played for, who they played against, what the winning score was and who is pictured in the photo.

Information that is obtained about the photo is published the following week in the Bombala Times and also goes towards updating the records of the Bombala and District Historical Society.

Sometimes people have a photo that they would like to see run as a Golden Oldie but have no way of getting it to the paper.

If that is the case, the photo can be taken to Dave Goodyer at the Bombala Newsagency and he will arrange to get it to the paper.

The Bombala and District Historical Society is located in the Court House Residence in Dickenson Street, Bombala. 

Meetings are on the second Monday of the month.