Weekly column from Snowy Monaro Regional Council Mayor, John Rooney.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council Mayor John Rooney.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council Mayor John Rooney.

On Tuesday, Council in partnership with the Delegate Progress Association hosted the region’s 2018 International Women’s Day event. There were guest speakers, information stalls and the presentation of the International Women’s Day Awards. Congratulations to all award winners, and to those for organising the event.

Last Friday night, I joined fellow Councillors, and Council staff for a public meeting in Bombala to discuss the town’s water. There was a large turnout and we presented the steps that will be taken to provide Bombala and Delegate residents with an improved water supply. We are committed to ensuring residents can access cleaner drinking water. This Council, still in its infancy I should add, has undertaken a major upgrade of the Bombala Water Treatment Plant. Water is coming out clean but picking up sludge in the water mains, which have not been cleaned in decades. Council will conduct a wholesale flushing of Bombala’s water pipes in April to rinse out the sludge.

On Thursday evening at the Berridale Community Hall, the March Council meeting will be held. There will be a presentation from Pauline Cook of Monaro Family Support Services. In the public forum there are three speakers: Steve Samuels – fishing on Lake Wallace Dam, Nimmitabel; Shane Trengove from the Jindabyne East Residents Committee – proposed 21 lot subdivision at Rushes Bay Avenue, East Jindabyne; and Michelle Francis, Ngarigo Nations- Significance of Aboriginal women at Rushes Creek Gorge.

Thursday’s Council meeting will not be live streamed, so I encourage you to head along to the Berridale Community Hall on Florence St if you would like to watch the action unfold.

Council is currently in the process of delivering 100 important community projects through the Stronger Communities Fund Major Project Program. Projects are spread right across the Snowy Monaro and cover recreational facilities, roads/bridges, streetscape projects, public health works, infrastructure upgrades, and renewable energy projects.

A three further projects have been completed with upgrades to the Bredbo, Nimmitabel and Numeralla Cemeteries. Upgrades include new fencing, entrance gates, storage sheds and a ride on mower.

As the weeks and months progress, many more projects will be completed. It’s an exciting time for our region.