Creewah sisters droving through Bombala to combat big dry

A pair of local sisters have taken to the roads around Bombala to keep their mob of cattle fed during the recent dry spell.

Kate, 20, and Hannah, 17, Walker normally live on a small property at Creewah, but for the past couple of months have been droving 380 head of cattle around the highways and fringes of town as part of a small team of six.

On Tuesday that journey brought them across the river and into Bombala township. They were headed for the saleyards where part of the mob was to be split up and sent back home on trucks to Cann River.

“Keeping them out of people’s gardens has been fun,” Kate said with a chuckle.

Kate said her grandfather was a seventh generation farmer on the land.

“That’s on my mum’s side – Dad is a city boy though so we didn’t always have cattle growing up,” she told the Bombala Times while the herd grazed near the stepping stones under her and her sister’s watchful eye.

She said not many of the mob were their own – some were “the boss’s” (Rob Berry of Towamba) and a large mob up from Cann River also looking for feed.

Being young women running a mob of this size, Kate said they had drawn some interest from passing motorists, some stopping to have a friendly chat.

But it hasn’t all been a fun time camping. “It’s been very cold – the other day it was sleeting while I was riding behind the mob, that was a bit exciting,” Kate said.