Water strategy on display

Bombala residents who have been dissatisfied with the quality of the town’s water supply can now take a bath or a shower in clear water thanks to clean water campaigners and Snowy Monaro Regional Council listening to people’s concerns.

Water clarity fixed.

Water clarity fixed.

Water meeting convener Alison Gimbert said that she along with Virginia Webster and Ossie Benson had met with council’s Water and Waste Water manager, Mark Rixon, the mayor and other councillors.

Mark Rixon gave us a Power Point presentation that clearly explained what was wrong with the water supply.

“It is clearly not this council’s fault and it’s not the current operator’s fault either, it was lack of support from the previous council that led to Bombala’s water supply becoming so dirty,” Mrs Gimbert said.

The Power Point presentation given by Mark Rixon along with samples of the water before council took corrective measures are now on display in the empty shop next to Cosmo’s Cafe.

”Snowy Monaro Regional council seem to be getting it right and the water is quite clean and I’ve actually stopped itching after I shower,” Mrs Gimbert said.

“A little while ago, I started to itch again and I complained to council.

“They came out and took some water samples and within three to four days I had actually stopped itching.

“I used to be frightened to have a shower, but it’s no longer a frightening experience.

“The water is still smelly and still tastes, but much to council’s credit, they have been working hard to rectify the problem,” she said.

”As far as Delegate’s water supply is concerned, council have applied for a license to sink a bore, but that will take time.”​