Tired of toddler tantrums?

POSITIVE EXPERIENCE: Nicole Collins, of Bega, with her son Lucas.
POSITIVE EXPERIENCE: Nicole Collins, of Bega, with her son Lucas.

Bega mum Nicole Collins threw out all her parenting books after completing a series of online therapy sessions with her three-year-old son, Lucas.

“I would absolutely recommend it to other parents – it changed my approach to understanding my son,” she said.

“It’s for anyone who is struggling with what they’re doing and wants a fresh approach.

“I read a few books before, but after this program I threw the books out.”

A partnership between the University of NSW and parenting service Karitane has made Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) available online for families in rural areas.

It aims to help parents manage toddlers with challenging behaviours, by improving their relationship.

“It helped me to better understand his behaviour and how to respond better to his cues,” Ms Collins said.

“He’s benefited so much from it, it’s been such a positive experience.

“I’d especially recommend it to parents who are just feeling frustrated with how they’re handling their little one.”

Ms Collins said the sessions fit easily into their busy lifestyle – and best of all, they didn’t have to travel.

“PCIT was suggested by the community health nurse,” she said.

“They offered that program as we are so far from Sydney. The homework is just to take five minutes to have a play, and there is a one-hour session with guided play and behaviour.

“It was really easy to fit into our schedule. Parents have a tight time-frame but this is doable.”

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