Cottage on Bibbenluke Estate razed

A cottage on the Bibbenluke Estate was totally destroyed by fire on Monday morning.

Bibbenluke house razed.

Bibbenluke house razed.

Emergency services received a call just after 7am from a Bibbenluke resident reporting they could see a lot of smoke coming from an old home owned by Billy and Julie Peadon on the Bibbenluke Estate .

Bibbenluke Rural Fire Service along with the NSW Fire and Rescue Bombala and police attended the call.

Brad Yelds, Bibbenluke RFS captain, said the house was already gone by the time the fire fighters got there.

“There was only one wall left standing, so the fire was left to burn out.”

Over the course of the day, fire fighters were called back to the property another two times. 

The first was when the extremely windy conditions caused the fire to reignite some grass in the home paddock, the second time was when Mrs Peadon was heading to work later in the day and noticed smoke coming from site.

“I went to investigate and found the fire had started in a pine tree near the home,” she said.

Property owners Billy and Julie Peadon said they were grateful that nobody was hurt or killed in the fire.

Six back-packers that were reportedly staying in the cottage at the time, had already left for work.

“They would have lost anything they had left in the cottage, although they still had their cars,” captain Yelds said.

Mr Peadon said he had been born in the old weatherboard home that was more than 100 years old.

“It was a bit of a rough old house back in those days, but over the years Dad lined it and did some work on it.

“From the outside it looked a bit broken down, but it still made for good accommodation for shearers and back-packers,” Mr Peadon said.

Mrs Peadon said that among the things lost in the fire was all of their youngest daughter’s artwork from her university days that was being stored in the old home.