Visiting classic car enthusiasts to bring pamper packs for Bombala farming women

A  ragtag group of “mature age” motoring enthusiasts will soon be visiting Bombala, and bringing some pampering for local women with them.

The Groupe Auto Classiche each year ventures out for an eight-day rally in some very nice classic sports and saloon cars.

This year’s event has drawn entrants from Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria and NSW and starts in Mittagong on Monday, October 8.

Lunch on day two will be held in Bombala and according to coordinator Mike Birks, as well as the 60 or so drivers and their partners, on board will be a swag of “drought pamper packs” for local women.

“One of our ladies hit upon a great idea – pamper packs to be given to a local organisation for distribution to the most needy of your farming community ladies,” Mr Birks said.

“But while we were thinking about how to do it, it was also more important to think where to do it.

“We’re stopping at Bombala for a lunch break and figured that was a good place to start.”

What began as filling a shopping bag with a variety of toiletries and makeup turned into a matter of “how many should we make?” he said.

“We could end up with at least 60 or so packs to give out,” Mr Birks estimated.

The pamper packs will comprise essentials like toothpaste, shampoo and sanitary products, but also makeup, lotions and perfume for example.

“The motivation behind it was seeing so many farming people really struggling – I don’t know how they do it,” Mr Birks said.

“Ladies are probably skimping to help support the family so these packs could let them treat themselves for a few days.

“It’s a feel good thing for both them and us.”

The visit will also be a good opportunity for fans of exotic vehicles as the eclectic group includes drivers of Ferraris, Porsches, MGs and Jaguars among other classic makes and models.

“We’re not a bunch of hoons – just a group of people who enjoy each other’s company, good food, good wine and good accommodation,” Mr Birks said.