Bombala Playground ready for action

An open letter to Snowy Monaro Regional Council by Bombala school student Charlie “Chaz” Campbell expressing the disappointment felt by her and her peers that the new Bombala playground remained closed during the school holidays has seen council fly into action.

Ready, set, fly and the new Bombala Playground has opened to the public and local families are already enjoying the enhanced recreational space.

Charlie "Chaz" Campbell.

Charlie "Chaz" Campbell.

Eleven year old Charlie Campbell said she was very excited and happy that the council have decided to put in some extra work to open the park before the holidays end.

“I have been going to the new park and I have not seen that many children at the park in years.

“Kids from all over Bombala and tourists are very happy now and won’t get bored during the holidays and on weekends.”

The upgraded playground is now home to a new flying fox (the Double Sky Rider) and the existing all abilities swing set has been retained and now includes rubber softfall underneath.

The Bombala Playground is the latest project delivered through the Stronger Communities Fund Major Projects Program.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council mayor, John Rooney, said it is exciting to see families taking advantage of the new Bombala Playground.

"The new playground is a fantastic design and one children of all abilities will enjoy,” Mayor Rooney said.

“The playground is the result of consultation with the community, in particular local children.

"Council is pleased to have delivered this playground for the enjoyment of Bombala families, and we anticipate it will attract many tourists as well.

"The new flying fox looks very impressive, as do the other pieces of equipment. This is a wonderful community space that locals will love for many years to come.

The Bombala Playground is one of 10 playgrounds to be built and upgraded throughout the Snowy Monaro region.​