Golfers busy over break


Results of Chicken Runs:

Christmas is over for another year and we hope all had a very happy one.

During the break chicken runs continued with some good and bad scores coming in. There have been some very good fields even in the extreme heat.

The results are as follows.

15.12.18.  18 Holes won by Steve Tatham 38 pts.

16.12.18.  18 Holes won by Brendan Weston 37 pts.

Runner up was Herbie Elliott 36 pts.

22.12.18.    9 Holes.  Westy was still on a roll winning with 18 pts.

Closely followed by Joel Cherry and Tony Brady 17 pts.

23.12.18.    9 Holes  was won by Tony Brady 18 pts on a c/b from Pepper Thompson.

26.12.18.    9 Holes went to Simon Stephen 19 pts with Cary and Wayne Elton on 18 pts.

29.12.18.     9 Holes with the good score of 22 pts went to Wayne Elton.

30.12.18.    9 Holes was won by Heather Brown on a c/b from Neil Thompson, a visitor having a afternoon out with Dad and beating him.

1.1.19.       9 Holes won by Herbie Elliott 22 pts from Brendan Weston and Ray Crawford 21 pts.

5.1.19.     This was to be the start of the 18 Holes but when the rain started on the back nine all headed for the club and the comp was made a 9 Hole event much to Pepper Thompson’s disgust.

Pepper was having a great day winning with the great score of 26 pts.  Runner up was Cary Elton 21 pts.

6.1.19.      9 Holes was the event.  Heather Brown had another good day winning with 22 pts from Joel Cherry 20 pts.

The Chicken Runs for next weekend will be Saturday 12.1.19.  9 Holes. Sunday 13.1.19.  18 Holes.

DUTY ROSTER.  Saturday 12.1.19.  Wayne Elton.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and good golfing 2019.  Hope to see you all on the course.


Delegate Pony Club kicked off 2019 with 15 riders tackling mounted games activities at the weekend.

Old and new riders navigating through the sock race, flag race, sword race, cup race, stepping stones, tack race and the pyramid race the riders practised the techniques required for mounted games competitions.

The riders also took on the stock men’s obstacles with a new obstacle to test out the horse and riders skill as well as the rocking bridge and tyre.

After lunch all the riders headed out onto the cross country course, split into two groups the riders worked through the different jumps looking at approach and rider position.

Delegate’s next rally is February 3, 9.30am gear check for a 10am start.