St Joseph's student writers published works on display at Bombala Bakery and Cosmo Cafe

Literary works by St. Joseph's Primary School students will be available for people to read at Bombala Bakery and Cosmo's Cafe from Saturday, April 13 to Thursday, April 18.

St. Joseph's Primary School Literacy Instructional Lead, Mrs Gillian Forrester said, "To increase our students' motivation for writing, we are increasing their audience.

"Normally, we publish writing that is then displayed in our classrooms.

"The Community Audience for Writing Enrichment (CAFE) initiative will, over the first week of the holidays, present the students published writing as place mats for diners to read in two Bombala cafes.

"Some children have chosen to publish their own stories and some have published their poetry," Mrs Forrester said.

Community members and tourists will be able to read St. Joseph's Primary School students writing and in turn they will have the opportunity to provide them with feedback.

Mrs Forrester went on to say that Reader Response cards can be filled in by diners and these in turn will be given to the students when they return from the school holidays.

"Cosmo Cafe and Bombala Bakery have kindly offered to host the children's writing and we are very thankful to these wonderful Bombala businesses for supporting our students endeavours to develop their writing.

"Students' writing from Kindergarten to Year 3 is available for reading at Cosmo Cafe and students' writing from Year 4 to Year 6 will be hosted at The Bombala Bakery.

"We will work hard in Term 2 to develop our writing skills further as we look to continue this initiative in the July school holidays also.

Please enjoy a cuppa and a story or poem at Cosmo Cafe and The Bombala Bakery from April 13-18.