2019 Easter Message from newly ordained Bishop for Canberra Goulburn diocese, Mark Short

Bishop Mark Short's Easter message

Sometimes the truth is closer to us than we realise.

Bishop Mark Short.

Bishop Mark Short.

In the New Testament Gospel of John Jesus is on trial for His life before the Roman Governor Pilate. At the end of their exchange Jesus tells him "Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice". Pilate responds by saying "what is truth?" - and leaves.

We're not told why Pilate didn't wait for an answer to his question. Perhaps he didn't believe there was one, or maybe he worried that there was!

We too can have our own reasons for avoiding questions, and answers, about truth.

We fear that talk about truth is dangerous. Indeed, we are constantly reminded that people who believe they and they alone possess the truth can be capable of terrible acts of exclusion and violence.

We also worry that talk about truth is divisive. In a world of growing tribalism it's tempting to avoid the big questions in case our different answers push us further and further apart from each other.

But what if we've been looking for truth in the wrong places? Earlier in John's Gospel Jesus declares "I am the way the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." God's truth is a person, the same person who stood in clear view before Pilate.

The good news of Easter is that Jesus the truth comes to possess us. He lays down his life for lost people and rescues us from the destructive forces that hold us in captivity.

The great news of Easter is that Jesus the truth comes to unite us. As he rises from the dead he draws everyone who believes in him into a new humanity where old barriers are broken down and we are given a new identity deeper than our differences.

Easter is a great season for connecting with friends and family and enjoying some down time from regular responsibilities. It is also a wonderful time to ponder questions of life, and perhaps discover the truth in an unexpected person.​