Golden Oldie group heads to the coast

Each week the Times publishes the Golden Oldie - an old photo from years gone by and asks their readers if they can help identify any of the people in the photo and when, where and why it was taken.

The information that is gathered is then published the following week on Facebook and also published along with next week's Golden Oldie.

This week we have a photo taken in 1957 of a group of Bombala at Batemans Bay, can anyone help to identify these people and what they were up to?

Last week's Golden Oldie was a classic photo of five gentlemen from Bombala, Cathcart and Delegate districts taken in 1947 at the Bombala Railway Stock Loading yards.

The names inscribed on the back of the photo are PJ Bales, 80, Arthur Stuart, 89, C McCoy, 88, John Nicholson, 86, Elias Goodsell, 80.

They were involved in the massive Food for Britain drive, to which the Bombala-Delegate RSL sent a trainload of 1500 sheep donated from the district. The gift made national headlines.