Police targeting rural road trauma in Monaro Police District Operation Chrome

Police from Monaro Police District are launching Operation Chrome this weekend, in order to reduce road trauma and save lives on rural roads in the area.

Monaro Police targeting risky driver behaviour.

Monaro Police targeting risky driver behaviour.

Operation Chrome is now underway and will run through to Saturday, May 18.

The operation will utilise police from the Monaro Police District working alongside officers from the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command.

Drivers and riders should expect to see more police on rural roads and highways in Queanbeyan and Cooma over the coming days targeting risky driver behaviours.

Acting Inspector Ben Bowles from the Monaro Police District said drivers need to follow the road rules in order to keep themselves and others safe on our roads.

"Expect to see an increase in police presence, not only on the Kings and Monaro Highways', but our local town and rural roads. Impaired and speeding drivers will be targeted to keep our road users safe," Acting Inspector Ben Bowles said.

Acting Inspector Ben Bowles said reducing rural road trauma is a priority for police right across NSW.

"Our primary aim is to stop fatal crashes before they happen. To do that, we make no apologies for enforcing the road rules that are the biggest contributors to fatal crashes.

"Road safety is everyone's responsibility. If every driver or rider takes personal responsibility for their actions, it will save lives. It's that simple," Assistant Commissioner Barrie said.