Travelling performer Sam Derchie brings the story of Anase the music and stories of Ghana to Bombala Public School students

Bombala Public School students were visited by travelling performer Sam Derchie who brought the music and stories of Ghana in his performance of Ananse on Thursday.

Where do stories come from? Ananse the spider wanted to know.

The Sun God promised Ananse that if he could catch a python, a leopard and a swarm of bees and bring them to him alive, then Ananse would be given a box of stories to take back to the village.

How little Ananse the spider managed this through trickery and cleverness was the subject of visiting artist, Sam Derchie from the village of Ashanti in Africa.

Sam (whose Ashanti name is the word for Wednesday - the day he was born) entertained Bombala students with stories of his upbringing in the jungle, avoiding lions and vipers.

"He told us about his monkey skin hat and the snake skin talisman that he inherited from his grandfather which turned out to be... a pocket in a pocket.

"We learned about different musical instruments such as the cabasa and the talking drum.

"Our visit from Sam was a very entertaining cultural experience that was enjoyed very much by students and teachers," Bombala Public School principal Jo Tozer said.

So, how do you catch a leopard? Ask the students at Bombala. They know.