Bombala residents reminded they need a permit to burn off all year round

Bombala Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is reminding residents in the district they need a permit to burn off all year round.

Bombala FRNSW deputy captain Malcolm Lavender said most people are responsible and get a permit, however there were a few people still burning off without one.

While the chill of winter is perceived to be less a threat for out of control fires, the potential for harmful situations remains and permits are compulsory.

Mr Lavender said there was some confusion in the community about burning off outside the officially declared summer danger period, as well as during a fire ban.

"Even after the bushfire danger period ends you still need a permit, you can't go and start burning off just because it's not summer anymore," he said.

"And some people think if they have a fire permit they can burn off at any time even during a fire ban. No fires are permitted during a total fire ban, even if you do have a permit."

Getting a permit to burn off is quite easy and there is no charge.

Unlike their neighbours in the Cooma area who need two permits to burn off, one from council and a second from FRNSW, Bombala district residents only require one.

"All people need to do is get in contact with me, then I will visit and inspect the pile. I can help people with information about the planned burn," Mr Lavender said.

"We can advise people if their pile is too big, how quickly it might burn and more importantly that it is safe to burn.

"There are some things that when burnt give off carcinogenic smoke which is not good for the community or the environment."

Mr Lavender said he has previously found car tyres under piles ready to burn and said he and his colleagues are more than willing to help educate and instruct the community as to appropriate, effective and safe burning off.

"We're the people guiding the community, someone you can come to for sharing good advice. We're hoping to trigger people's thinking on burning off safely, for their own health as well as the environment."

If you see or smell smoke, or have concerns about questionable material being burnt, call Triple-0 and fire authorities can investigate.

Visit Bombala FRNSW on Facebook or call 6458 3011 for details on permits.