Weekly sporting roundup of golf,


Bombala Public School netball team travelled to Cooma to play the fourth round of the PSSA Knockout against Bungendore Public School.

Bombala netballers in the fourth round of the PSSA Knockout competition.

Netball coach Jenni Moreing said, "This was our home game, however our parents and players generously agreed to a request from Bungendore to play it in Cooma so they could play a touch game against Cooma North as well on that day.

"Much of game was played in cold foggy conditions and the girls were well in it for a large part of the game, however they were not able to come away with the victory in the end.

"All the girls player extremely well showing excellent skills, particularly in defence. Congratulations Brandy Crotty, Meila Elton, Mistin Kidman, Taya Douch, Ariella Moro, Natalie Vincent, Mikayla Howard, Lily Hampshire, Storm Sandona and Zara Brotherton, you are a credit to yourselves, your parents, school and community.

Ms Moreing thanked all of the supporters who were able to travel with them and those who were unable to do so on the day.

"I would again like to thank the Bombala Netball Club for all you do to promote netball in Bombala and the skills and knowledge you help to develop and foster in all our students.

"Also a huge thanks to Marni Moreing and Calli Kidman for umpiring for us. This is huge job and you did it skilfully and totally impartially.

"Finally I would like to wish each and every one of these talented netballers all the best as they move into high school and hope that they continue to enjoy playing into the future," Ms Moreing said.


Bombala ladies played their fourth club medal and putting, stroke for a club trophy, the winner was Joy Douch 71 nett. Ball winners Dianne Ingram 83 nett, Eva L'Estrange 85 nett, Heather Brown 86 nett. The putting trophy was won by Heather Brown with 29 putts. NTP on the 7th won by Eva L'Estrange.

Members Saturday played a par for Brendan Westons trophy, the winner was Tony Brady +1. The ball winner was Ray Fermor on square. NTP on the 17th won by Ray Crawford.

Sunday was a Stableford for a club trophy, the winner was Heather Brown 42pts. Ball winner's Wayne Elton 38 pts, Jeff Halligan 34 pts, Leon Jones 33 pts. NTP on the 17th won by Leon Jones.

Next weekends golf program: Ladies Wednesday - Stableford for a club trophy. Members Saturday 3 stick event, stableford for a club trophy. Sunday: Par for P McIntosh Trophy.

Duty roster Saturday: Leon Jones