Spinning a yarn - Bombala's Knit'n'Natter group celebrates 10 years

Bombala's 'Knit-n-Natter' group is celebrating 10 years of creativity and companionship and during a decade long initiative have produced a staggering 1008 blankets for Wrap With Love Inc.

Bombala Knit-n-Natter meet every Thursday 10am at Cosmo Cafe.

Bombala Knit-n-Natter meet every Thursday 10am at Cosmo Cafe.

Wrap With Love is a voluntary organisation with contributors from all around Australia.

Volunteers for the project have given wraps to people in need around Australia and many countries world wide, dispatching over 30,000 each year providing warmth and spreading comfort around the world.

A spokesperson for Bombala's 'Knit-n-Natter' group said, between 12 and 20 volunteers take part in the Knitt'n'Natter that meets year round every Thursday at Cosmo's Cafe with new members always welcome.

"Our 'Knit-n-Natter' group have founded many new friendships and rekindled many old friendships.

"We continue knitting and crocheting all year round meeting at Cosmo's at 10am for coffee, a meal, knitting, crocheting, sewing wraps and a few hours of chatting.

"We wish to acknowledge and thank Dina, Arthur and staff at Cosmo's Cafe for their ongoing support of our Knit 'n' Natter group, providing us with a warm and cosy area and serving great coffee and meals.

"Also a huge thank you to T & J Murphy's Building and Transport who transport our boxes of wraps to Sydney to the Wrap With Love Inc HQ, without your support our blankets would not see distribution.

"If you are someone amazing who has donated wool or cash for purchasing wool, Bombala's 'Knit-n-Natter' thank you.

"This 10 year milestone is a celebration of the generous and enthusiastic support of volunteers from all walks of life contributing to Bombala's 'Knit-n-Natter' group and relishing the success of the Wrap With Love Inc project," a spokesperson for Knit-n-Natter said.