Construction of Bombala amenities building on track

Construction of the Bombala amenities building is progressing well with the site expected to be opened to the public in October.

Bombala's new Maybe Street amenities on track to open in October.

Bombala's new Maybe Street amenities on track to open in October.

The project is on track and once finished, will provide public toilets in Bombala's main street.

An internal fit out is underway with the installation of toilets, hand basins, light and power to be completed in the coming weeks.

Designed by a professional architect, and in consultation with a heritage adviser, the amenities building will maintain the town's heritage appeal.

The building's facade has been designed to complement the heritage aesthetics of the CBD

Heritage posts and paving will be installed in September with the amenities building to become a key feature of Bombala's CBD.

Located on Bombala' main thoroughfare, Maybe Street, the amenities building is being delivered through the Stronger Communities Fund (SCF) Major Projects Program.

The amenities will be home to a male, female, and a parents' room facility,

In March of this year, Snowy Monaro Regional councillors joined community members, council staff, and the company constructing the amenities building, Full On Constructions, for a sod-turning ceremony to signal the start of construction.

The project is one of a number of SCF Major Projects that will provide an economic and social boost to the Bombala community.

The amenities building will provide an extra reason for tourists to stop in Bombala's main street.

Bombala's community representative group has worked closely with Snowy Monaro Regional Council and residents to help ensure the project came to fruition.