Orange Hawkweed in council's sights

Snowy Monaro Region Council has Orange Hawkweed in its sights with monitoring to occur in the Snowy Plains and Braemar Bay areas.

Orange Hawkweed surveillance will again be carried out throughout spring and summer as part of efforts to detect the highly invasive weed.

In 2018, Council secured funding from the NSW Environmental Trust to facilitate the 'Keeping a hawk eye on Hawkweed' project.

The project allowed Council to develop a Hawkweed community engagement strategy for invest in drone technology to undertake aerial weed surveys, and to work with Orange Hawkweed sniffer dogs.

Monitoring during spring and summer will be conducted through walking inspections, drone surveys, and with the National Parks and Wildlife Service Hawkweed sniffer dogs, Sally and Connor.

Council encourages the community to become familiar with this highly invasive weed and to notify Council if they sight or suspect any Orange Hawkweed plants.

Council's Biosecurity officers will notify individual landholders when they require access to private properties and invite landholders to make arrangements to meet with them at this time.

In the coming months, Orange Hawkweed identification field days will be held, and volunteer search parties formed to look for the weed.

If you would like to be placed on Council's Hawkweed communication email list, pre-register for any of Orange Hawkweed field days or join a Volunteer Search party, please email - attention Biosecurity Officers.