South East Local Land Services grazing management workshops

South East Local Land Services is establishing a Prograze group for the Monaro region, with the first session to start this spring.

It is designed to help producers develop skills in pasture and animal assessment and then use these skills to improve the productivity and sustainability of their grazing systems.

Presented over a series of eight half-day workshops that are usually held four to six weeks apart across a 12 month period the workshops aim to capture the seasonal variations in pasture and animal production.

"The course uses a hands-on learning approach with the workshops conducted on group members' farms with a strong in-paddock approach," Local Land Services senior agriculture adviser, Jo Powells said.

Participants will be assisted to develop their skills in:

  • visual pasture assessment for pasture quality and quantity
  • understanding how pasture quality and quantity impact on animal production
  • assessing livestock fat scores
  • using pasture and livestock assessments to match pastures to livestock requirements
  • using grazing management to improve the productivity and sustainability of pastures
  • using fodder budgeting to make the best use of pastures and fodder crops
  • using pasture assessment to make supplementary feeding decisions
  • using grazing management to help control worms.

The course is suitable for all producers - new land managers with only small livestock numbers, through to long term graziers managing multiple livestock ventures.

Past participants reported that participation in the course had resulted, or would result, in improved financial returns and improved productivity and stability of pastures to their farm.

The course is subsidised by South East Local Land Services.

Contact Jo Powells on 0429 785 986, or Libby Stewart on 6455 7200 to register your interest.