Application for street stall in Bombala

Applications are invited from interested organisations that wish to hold street stalls on any day in the main shopping area of Bombala in 2020.

Applications must be in writing and must reach council by 4.30pm on Friday, November 29, 2019.

Applications are to be limited initially to one per annum for any one organisation.

Council is not responsible for allocating dates for bazaars, fetes, Saturday morning ticket selling or other functions, which are held on private property and accordingly, organisations wishing to reserve or co-ordinate dates for such functions are advised to contact the appropriate authorities.

Applications must include evidence of current Public Liability Insurance. (Applications received without this evidence cannot be included.)

Council's adopted policy on Street Stalls is as follows:

Council will allow one Street Stall per week, the organisation allowed to have the Street Stall can choose the day.

Applications for the next year to be called and set before the end of the year.

Organisations, which had a day in the preceding year to have the first claim on that day for the next year.

If two organisations want the same date and neither have a previous claim then a draw shall be made for that date and the losing organisation to get the nearest available date.

Only one week to be allocated to each organisation.

All unallocated weeks to be drawn for organisations, which indicate they want a second date.

Only organisations, which have local committees within the previous Bombala Local Government area to be considered.

A list of Street Stall allocation dates will be displayed in Council's Bombala office notice board and foyer.

Applications can be presented to Council: In-person: A hard copy survey can be completed at any Council office. Email:

Post: Snowy Monaro Regional Council, PO BOX 714 Cooma 2630.