Cathcart Variety Show forges ahead amid rain, fires

Glorious rain, great entertainment, excellent food and wonderful company - what better way to celebrate coming through a very trying few months than with the annual Cathcart Variety Show.

The Cathcart Hall Committee made the decision to forge ahead despite the circumstances, as it felt it was important to give people the opportunity to get together and have fun.

As expected, audience numbers were down due to some road closures, and some regular artists could not make it for the same reason.

However, a very happy relaxed crowd of about 100 people was on hand to be wonderfully entertained well into the night by an excellent variety of young (and not so young) artists.

Acts included Ernie Constance, Jeff Johnson, John Edwards, Brendan, Tina and Thomas Podger, Gus and Sherri Olding, Darryl Ingram, Alan Dean, Rodger Baker, Michelle Russell, Louise Bowerman Alex Winell, Tige Bobbin, The Cathcart Kids (Mistin, Lorelli and Brynn Kidman), Ron Milliner and Felicity Dowd.

The committee sincerely thanks each and every one for the generous donation of their time and excellent talents, particularly this year. They helped make this event the outstanding success it was and brought the community together so that in some small way they can begin to heal and move forward.

Again, this show entertained with a wide variety of styles, from country, rock, classical and jazz through to comedy and prose. A big thank you particularly to Ernie Constance for his very capable and entertaining effort as compere, to Brendan Podger for the use of his sound gear and instrumental backing of many of the artists, as well as Bronwyn for her fantastic work on the sound mixer.

The crowd was treated to the usual high-quality food for supper, and the committee would like to thank all of the community for their generous donations of food and time to create the outstanding meals and hospitality for which they are so famous.