St. Joseph's students connecting with community | PHOTOS

At St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, in Religious Education learning the students have been exploring the concept of 'community' and how communities gather and connect with one another.

"Currently with the COVID-19 restrictions unfortunately as a school we have been unable to connect with the community in the usual ways we once did such as hosting community school events and attending local excursions," a spokesperson for St. Joey's said.

"In class, while exploring the concept of community in our learning, students began thinking about what other ways we could reach out and connect to people in our community.

"Earlier in the year, students were planning to visit residents at Currawarna. Our students thought sending the residents letters to let them know we are thinking of them would be a great way to connect with others in our community."

Students created a message to send to the residents and chose images to decorate: 'Hello friends from Currawarna! We would love you come visit you but sadly we are unable to at the moment. We wanted to share some of our beautiful pictures with you and hope St Joey's can come visit again soon. St Joey's Kids'

On Monday, the letters were delivered to the residents at Currawarna. Thank you Rosie Gillespie-Jones, Karen Brownlie and Caron Eccles for helping us to organise the letters and distributing these to the residents. St Joseph's is looking forward to being able to visit Currawarna once again after COVID-19.