2020 Bombala Bike Show cancelled

Another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the 2020 Bombala Bike Show.

2019 Bombala Bike Show - burnout.

2019 Bombala Bike Show - burnout.

Bombala Bike Show committee members decided at their meeting last Sunday to cancel this years show.

Bombala Motorcycle Association president Andrew Oakes said that it was with great regret we must inform everyone that the bike show will not go-ahead this year.

"We have held out for as long as we can to see if this year would get any better but due to the restrictions that have been put in place we have to cancel it," he said.

Although the 2020 Bombala Bike Show has been cancelled organisers say they still plan to hold an event of some kind for the community.

Bombala Bike Show secretary Sam Newman said the gate restrictions of only 500 made things difficult.

The Bombala Bike Show attracts attendees from all around Australia which this year presents a bit of a problem.

"We are not able to comply with all the restrictions and we have to think of the safety of the town and the health and safety of everyone that would attend," president Oakes said.

"Financially it takes a lot to put on a bike show like ours and we need to think of next year.

"Also,l the fines that we would receive would be devastating to the future of the bike show," he said.

The Bombala Motorcycle Association said they would like to thank everyone who turns up every year for their support.

"We hope to see you all at next year's bike show."