Orientation program for Kindy's at St. Joseph's Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 2021 Kindergarten orientation program starts on Wednesday, August 26.

With the 'Hop into Joey's' program, students will be able to engage in rich learning experiences to prepare them for their education at St Joseph's.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, the orientation program will be based online and families can introduce their child to St Joseph's at a pace which suits them.

Learning engagements will be across the Key Learning Areas of Curriculum: English, mathematics, science and creative arts.

Families will be part of an online Kindergarten 2021 community which will be facilitated by the current infant teachers Miss Lily Sato, Mrs Alice Shannon and Mrs Simone Peadon.

The online community will be an opportunity to help families get Kinder ready through the delivery of our 'Hop into Joey's' program and connect our Kindergarten families together before beginning next year.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity as part of your decision making for your child's schooling in 2021, please contact the school office to provide your details so that we can include your child into the program.

St. Joey's hopes to offer an onsite orientation program in Term 4.

This will be dependent upon COVID-19 restrictions. St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is currently enrolling for K-6 2021.

Personalised tours of the school are now being offered. If you are interested in booking a tour please contact the school office via email office.stjbombala@cg.catholic.edu.au or phone 02 6458 3776.