Voice of Regional Australia: The storms are here, time to sit back and enjoy the show

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 Water over paddocks about 100km north-east of Broken Hill. Photos taken by Matt Jackson, Tirlta.

Water over paddocks about 100km north-east of Broken Hill. Photos taken by Matt Jackson, Tirlta.

Yep, that smell, that's the sniff of summer in the air.

We've motored through spring in about a week and have jumped straight into summer it seems. At least in my neck of the woods we have, that's the Blue Mountains near Sydney.

Storms. Hot winds. Big rains. It's all here.

I enjoy nothing more in summer than sitting back and watching the lightning as it cracks across the sky - it's all a great show as long as there's no big damage or fires that follow.

So far the rains have been pretty generous and well spread across this wide brown land.

Even America's official forecasters have declared a La Nina event in the Pacific Ocean, despite the Bureau of Meteorology holding off from such a call just yet.

Which ones La Nina? That's the one that means we are in for wetter than average conditions in Australia, drier than average for the Americas.

The far west of NSW saw some of the best rain in four years across the weekend.

Those who call the South Australia-NSW border home haven't seen flooding like it since 1997.

Broken Hill alone received half its rainfall of last year in just 20 minutes in one storm on Saturday - 36mm.

Ben Chifley dam in NSW's Central Tablelands hit capacity on Monday morning - an amazing turnaround for Bathurst's main water storage which was as low as 28 per cent in February.

It's the first time the dam has been at capacity since late 2016. If you're a subscriber to the Western Advocate you can read all about that here.

But NSW isn't the only state that's been welcoming the rain. Darwin has already had its biggest September drop since 1981.

Early build-up rains dropped 77mm over the Northern Territory city across the weekend, while the rest of the Top End saw a lot less.

Storms rolled across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, ACT and Northern Territory yesterday.

Welcome to storm season everybody. Enjoy the show.

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