Grandson looking for information about 1888 silver trophy

The Bombala Times has been contacted by Alan Beileiter from Dundas trying to find information about a trophy that was handed down to him.

Mr Beileiter said he was trying to find out information about a trophy that his grandfather William Beileiter won in Bombala.

"Both my grandfather and father were both born in Bombala," he said.

The trophy is engraved "Won by William Beileiter at Bombala 25th May 1888.

"My grandfather William Beileiter was the Bombala Town Clerk for some time way back then. He married my grandmother Mary Fanny Phillips in 1897 in Bombala they had three children Gladys, William and my father Donald Roy Beileiter," Alan Beileiter said.

"Dad married mum Muriel Davoren in 1938 and the only remaining cousin on my dads side is Brian Beileiter who still lives in Bombala with his three daughters living in the district

Alan said he'd tried searching the internet to find out any information he could about the mystery cup, but he couldn't find anything.

"It would be nice to find something out as a cup that size given in 1888, I should imagine was a big event," Mr Beileiter said.

"I believe that he also won money as well, apparently a large amount in those days.

"I cannot find anything on the internet including Trove which has a lot of information and copies in of the Bombala Times papers for that time," he said.

If anyone has any information relating to the trophy won by William Beileiter in 1888 at Bombala we would love to hear from you.

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