Bombala Golf Club summer chicken runs

Saturday was a 9 Hole Chicken Run played on the Front 9. Westy started his round of golf with a great shot to the green on the first holing his second shot for an eagle. Great excitement to all, it not an easy green to approach to.

"There goes the rest of the game," he was heard to have said.

Another in the group had a birdie.

The winner was Wayne Elton 23 points from Ray Fermor 22 points and Brendan Weston 21 points. These chaps were the ball winners.

Sunday it was an 18 hole Chicken Run.

A spokesperson for the club said it was a day for problem carts.

"First we had Jonesy back to the club he ran out of fuel so had to grab another cart. Then we had Rub getting a lift back to grab a cart. He was in among the trees and managed to damage his fuel line much to Jonesy's disgust, seeing the fuel flow out and unable to use in his cart.

"After all the coming and going they did manage to finish their round, even if a little late. Then they had to go and get the carts that were left out on the course."

The winner on a c/b was Wayne Elton continuing his good golf from Brendan Weston 38 points. Balls were won by Rub, Westy, Daniel Douch 36 points and Nutta 35 points. NTP on the 7th was finally won. Leon Jones did better than the winners collecting 10 balls from the nest egg.

Golf program - Chicken Runs

Saturday, January 16 - 18 Holes. Sunday - 9 Holes.

Saturday, January 23 - 9 Holes and Sunday - 18 Holes.

Tuesday, January 26 - 9 Holes.

See you on the course.